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About us...

:star: The focus of Needles and Thread is costumes, clothing, and cloth accessories

In the absence of any groups specifically for those who sew costumes and clothing, I created "Needles and Thread" the group for all those who like to sew what they wear! I hope this club will in time become a network to unite all those deviants who like to sew.

If you like to sew, please consider joining and showing off your artwork!

:bulletgreen: Membership We are always looking for members, but members should be deviants who sew and display their work on DA. Please see the blog entry about "Becoming a Member" if you are interested in joining: needles-and-thread.deviantart.…

:bulletgreen: Submitting As with all groups, we do have submission guidelines. ALL NEW MEMBERS should read these rules before beginning to submit. The blog about submissions will also instruct you on how to submit to the group! needles-and-thread.deviantart.…

:bulletgreen: Featured Submissions The Needles and Thread Feature gallery is designed to display the best of ALL members. Please read the rules about this gallery before submitting a piece to it: needles-and-thread.deviantart.…

:bulletgreen: Group Favorites ALL members are welcome to suggest favorites for the group, these should not be your own works! (There are a few works by members because I favorited their pieces before they joined) If you would like to suggest a favorite, all you need to do is click the button at the top of the group home page!

:bulletgreen: Member's Online Stores
Many of our members sell their wonderful creations online! Please refer to the list of member's stores if you are interested in purchasing items similar to those in our gallery! needles-and-thread.deviantart.…


:star: If you'd like to help manage this group, please message me or send a note to the group

You may also message me or the group if you ever have suggestions for improving the group! I will frequently update and streamline the group when I see things that can be made better, but appreciate a regular member's point of view on what can be done to improve!


:star: We welcome and will advertise affiliate clubs by request. Members should feel free to suggest any helpful links or websites.

:bulletblue: Current Affiliates:
:iconartisancraft: :iconetsy-deviants: :iconmerchant-directory:
:iconcut-out-and-keep: :iconisew: :iconfashion-advanced:
:iconda-runway: :iconappareldesign: :icongothicclothing:
:iconfashiondesigngroup: :icondesignersnexus: :icondarkfashionshow:
:iconeco-couture: :iconbags-n-purses: :iconcostumedesigncentral:
:iconhistoryfashionlovers: :iconvintageluv: :iconlamodehistorique:
:icontheatreartists: :iconphantomcostumelovers: :icongeorgiacostumers:
:iconcosplaycommunity: :iconcos-club: :iconcosplayclubofcanada:
:iconpandoracoscirque: :iconitaliancosplayers: :iconphantomcosplay:
:iconinspired-costumes: :iconm-t-a-c: :icondgray-mancosplay:
:iconcorsetmakers: :iconcorset-lovers: :iconcorset-fetish-club:
:iconplushie-database: :iconsimply-plush: :iconre-plushed:
:iconpopkes: :iconwoolymadness: :iconknittrix:
:iconintermediate-artists: :iconallies-in-art:

:bulletblue: Websites:

DA Article on Designs and Patterns by FantasyStock :bulletblack:…

DA Article on Photographing Cosplay and Costumes by JLLopez :bulletblack:…

DA Community Relations Blog on Designs and Patterns by FantasyStock :bulletblack: communityrelations.deviantart.…

On Historical Costuming by jeriquan :bulletblack:

Website for Craft Tutorial Sharing by Cut-Out-and-Keep :bulletblack:

Gallery Folders



:star: A collection of some stunning pieces from around DA. All members are free to suggest favorites for this collection.

Recent Journal Entries

Dear all,

I'm dreadfully sorry for my inactivity as admin, I have not forgotten about the group! This is just a quick memo that the folders about to undergo a large change. In light of responses on the last journal (from February!!! *sigh*) I will be merging have mered the costume and clothing folders into non-gendered folders.

All adult costumes and clothing will now be sorted into the same folder (still separated by category), without regard to gender. Hopefully this will make sorting easier, especially with regard to group shots and gender neutral items.

Thank you all for being a largely self-sufficient group and keeping up the excellent submissions! Please remember that if you have any contests or sewing related news, you can submit a blog to the group to keep us updated!

And if anyone else is interested in a larger admin/contributor role, please let me know!

:bulletred: Remember: Plushies are STILL NOT ALLOWED in this group! Please stop submitting them!

:bulletred: Also: ONLY ONE deviation of ANY sewn piece may be submitted to the group. Make a merged deviation or place links to other deviations in the comments section if you want people to see multiple views of your creation! THANK YOU!
Dear members,

I know we are LONG due for an update! I hope everyone's been doing well. I've been incredibly busy (still have not written my Christmas thank yous!!!), but I have fortunately been getting some great help from chibi-lenne! So big thanks there! If anyone else would like to help admin or otherwise contribute to the group, please shoot me a note! More help is always welcome!!!

Anyway, I've got question that occurred to me while moving deviations from the Halloween folder back into regular folders.

Is Binary Gender Sorting a Problem in this Group?

I'm learning to be sensitive to queer and gender issues, but even aside from such concerns, there's a practical element: some costumes and clothes are just gender neutral anyway! And it occurred to me that we only have male and female folders for both female and male costumes. Our group rules state that group shots or gender-neutral clothing should be sorted into the "male" folder, simply because "male" tends to serve as the gender-neutral. So, is this a problem? If so, I've got a couple of suggestions for how to fix it.

I can't really create a poll, but if you all could weigh in with one of these answers, that'd be greatly appreciated!
:bulletgreen: No, it's not a problem. Let the sorting remain as it is.
:bulletyellow: It is a problem, change the folder names to say "Male and Gender Neutral" on the "Male" folders.
:bulletred: It is a problem, make a gender neutral folder for both costumes and clothing.

My only concern with creating more folders is that self-sorting would become more complicated. So, should I just change the folder names? Thanks for any weighing in!

Group Reminders
:bulletblue: Each member may only have ONE featured deviation.
:bulletblue: Each member may only submit ONE deviation per piece to the group EVER (though you may removed submissions and re-add if you have an updated deviation or better picture)
:bulletblue: If at any time you would to change your FEATURED deviation, please let the admins know!
:bulletblue: You are allowed to add WIPs, but I STRONGLY suggest you wait until you have a deviation of the completed piece!

Hope you all are doing well! Let me know if you have any other suggestions, concerns, or know of any neat sewing contests!
More Journal Entries


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Hey you guys!
I'm holding a simple contest to design a Kaiju onesie. Winner gets a ton of prizes including points and features!
Do you know where I could find some tips, ideas, or general resources for modifying an old dress into a new one? I have a couple old dresses that would actually be cool to convert into something for a more formal cosplay outfit, but have no idea how to go about it.
Zombietox Jun 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
is there Really any point being in a group who is constantly Declining my stuff?
Durnesque Jun 25, 2013  Student General Artist
I have looked at your message log and with the exception of one piece, all denied submissions have been plushies. If you read the rules of the group ([link], plushies are not allowed in this group. The one exception seems to have been a group of plushie scarves, but since they were folded so the scarf part didn't show as much, they were probably denied since they look like regular plushies. One piece expired, which is not a rejection, it just means an admin was not able to accept it before the submission expired. I apologize for such expiration, we admins are unfortunately very busy.

Your clothing submissions have all been accepted as they are in accord with group rules. I apologize for any frustration group maintenance has caused you.

If you are interested in a group open to all sewn submissions - including plushies - I recommend #Sewing-Central, our sister group.
Zombietox Jun 25, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
The group rules are unable to be found..?
Durnesque Jun 25, 2013  Student General Artist
There was accidentally a parenthesis at the end: [link].

They're also linked to in the "About Us" here on the home page, on the "About Us" page, and in a box above the gallery thumbnails on the gallery page.
(1 Reply)
thank you for accepting me.
Durnesque Jun 25, 2013  Student General Artist
Of course!
Costumy Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thank you very much for the request on my works!
Durnesque Jun 25, 2013  Student General Artist
No problem!
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